Once Upon a Time…

Five fun facts about Sherra…

photo organizing

  1. I am a mom of 4 who declared early in life I was not going to have children 😜
  2. We live in a suburb of Atlanta and the traffic stories are legit.
  3. I have not climbed Half Dome. But our whole family plays golf. Hole in one in 2016 – YAY!
  4. I rarely leave my house. See #2 Also, I’m an extroverted introvert.
  5. I’ve owned my own business since before I got married.

Five fun facts about Rita…

photo organizer

  1. I am a mom of 2 with a son & daughter in colleges on the West Coast
  2. In 2016 we made the cross country move from Portland OR to Boston MA – humidity is a real thing.
  3. Our family climbed Half Dome – 52,215 steps YES!
  4. I’ve been to the Ellen Show (but not the 12 days of Christmas – darn it!)
  5. I’m a finance major which means I designed our free  income calculator 😉

Mastermind with Women Business Owners!

photo organizing training

Co-Founders – Platinum Photo Organizing Mastermind*

2022-Destin, FL
2021-Destin, FL
2019-Destin, FL
2018-Nashville, TN
2017-Nashville, TN
2016-Nashville, TN
2015-Destin, FL

*Platinum Photo Organizing Mastermind

Our sold out Platinum Mastermind events are invitation only.


Association of Personal Photo Organizers National Conference
2019-Main Stage: Confident Pricing with Your Ideal Clients – Albuquerque, NM
2018-Breakout: How to Rock Your Photo Organizing Business With Luxury Services – Raleigh, NC
2017-Main Stage: Luxury Album Design & Pricing – Cleveland, OH
2017-Intensive Training: Digital Photo Organizing – Cleveland, OH
2016-Intensive Training: Pricing & Profitability – Anaheim, CA
2015-Breakout: Insider Tips – Orlando, FL
2014-Main Stage: Implementing What You Have Learned – Dallas, TX
2014-Intensive Training: Photo Organizing Training by Photo Organizers – Dallas, TX
2013-Panel Discussion: Meeting Objections with Confidence – Chicago, IL

NAPO National Conference
2016-Breakout: “Photo Organizing Anxiety & How to Overcome It” – Sherra Humphreys & Cathi Nelson – Atlanta, GA

Press and companies we have worked with:

2019: The Boston Globe
2019: Next Act For Women Update
2018: Nixplay Digital Frames
2018: Camera Bits
2017: Boston Voyager
2016: Next Act For Women

We are available for training and speaking on a limited basis.

Contact us today and let’s talk!

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