Sherra Humphreys is one half of the PPO Studio photo expert duo. She and Rita Norton have over two decades of experience in the photo industry. They help families conquer the photo overwhelm and create a photo legacy filled with their favorite photos and stories. Sherra is the mother of four and has been documenting her family’s life with photos and stories since 5th grade when she got her first camera.

hard conversations

Hard Conversations

I’ve felt very heavy this last week. And it’s not just because of the weight I’ve gained during this pandemic. We have a lot of work to do. And that doesn’t just mean to make a living.  We have a lot of hard conversations and work to do to make this world better. I have

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Graduation Slideshows

Graduation Slideshows

Graduation Slideshows. Do you have clients with children who are graduating this year? If so you need to start early to help them with a slideshow. Start the conversation with them in January and they will thank you later! High school graduation is the most popular event that is suited for a slideshow. The goal

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