scanning framed photos

#33: Scanning Framed Photos

[powerpress] Episode #33 of our podcast is about scanning your photos that are framed. If your photos are framed it is safe to assume they are important. If the photos that you have in frames are your only copy then this is the perfect opportunity to create a digital master of your photo. Anything exposed

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hard conversations

Hard Conversations

I’ve felt very heavy this last week. And it’s not just because of the weight I’ve gained during this pandemic. We have a lot of work to do. And that doesn’t just mean to make a living.  We have a lot of hard conversations and work to do to make this world better. I have

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non-essential business

My business is non-essential…

My business is deemed non-essential during this pandemic which I agree with but that doesn’t mean I’m non-essential. By definition, essential means something basic, necessary or indispensable. And when our work is deemed non-essential, it can impact more than your profitability especially during this devastating time in our world. For those of us in the

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