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Working with family or business photo collections is a big responsibility. Your photo organizer is in charge of thousands of photos, amazing stories, and possibly the only copies of your many digital devices.

So it only makes sense that you want a certified digital photo organizer with the highest standard of skills and expertise who will be working with your family’s photo collection.

Below are certified digital photo organizers who have successfully completed a comprehensive DPO training course and passed an annual certification test.

Lori Krause, The Photo Life Manager

Lori Krause, The Photo Life Manager
Lori Krause
Greater Kansas City Area

Photo Organizer Kansas City

Lori has always enjoyed taking pictures to capture the events and moments of her life. As the family historian, she realizes that photographs tell the stories of our lives. But it wasn’t until a family celebration several years ago, that she discovered a passion for preserving photos and their stories. She’s been organizing, scanning and preserving memories ever since!

Specializing in preserving family memories and stories so future generations will be able to connect with their past.

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