Certified Digital Photo Organizers

Why it is important to be a
Certified Digital Photo Organizer (DPO)

Working with family or business photo collections is a big responsibility. Your photo organizer is in charge of thousands of photos, amazing stories, and possibly the only copies of your many digital devices.

So it only makes sense that you want a certified digital photo organizer with the highest standard of skills and expertise who will be working with your family’s photo collection.

Look for the certification credential for those who successfully complete the DPO training course and pass an annual test.

DPO Certified Digital Photo Organizing

Profitable Photo Organizing for Professional Photo Organizers (PPO Studio)

We are the founders of the first online DPO course and have been training Photo Organizers since 2012. Even with ever-changing technology our process and principles stand the test of time.

Photos are our love and passion and our client’s photos are tended to with the utmost care and professionalism. As the photo organizing industry grows our commitment is to ensure that photo organizers have access to the training material and community to best serve their clients.

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