Curtis Bisel Scan Your Entire Life

Episode #29 features Curtis Bisel from Scan Your Entire Life (SYEL). Scan Your Entire Life is a fabulous resource to help everyday people learn how to scan, restore, organize, preserve and share their irreplaceable family photo collections. Curtis shares with us a bit about his background, how he got started scanning his family photo collection and what he has learned after countless hours of research!

Show Notes

  1. Connect with Curtis if you want more information on how to scan your photos, he has an amazing blog filled with a LOT of great tips!
  2. Are you thinking about joining Curtis’ membership site so you can learn from his expertise? Use this coupon code at checkout: PPOSSYEL20 to save $20 on an annual membership (forever)! What does that mean? You will receive the $20 discount today and indefinitely on renewals as long as you stay an active member. Code expires March 14th, 2020.

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