Finding Your First Photo Organizing Clients – Part One

This is the first in a three-part series of how to find photo clients in your startup photo organizing business.

How many guinea pigs does a startup photo organizing business need?

startup photo organizing

Start with three.

One is too lonely.

Five is a crowd.

Three is a good number for so many reasons. More on that later.

For now, start with three as you build your startup photo organizing business.

I realized you could call them your “Three Little Pigs” but only in your head. And you can label a file folder with that if you want.

Select your pigs wisely.

  • Choose a guinea pig with a boatload of digital photos and a slight or big fear of technology.
  • Pick a guinea pig with a recent or upcoming life event that you could swoop in and help with.
  • Choose a guinea pig who has inherited boxes of photos recently or years ago. And has yet to open the box and tackle what’s inside.

Why pick pigs like those described above?

We’ll talk more about that later in part two of finding your first photo organizing client.

For today, make a list of your potential pigs that fit the criteria above.
Read part 2 in this three-part series now.

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