Finding Your First Photo Organizing Clients – Part Three

This is part three in a three-part series of how to find photo organizing clients in your new business. Click to read part one or part two

Start with one photo organizing client

Have your potential pig list in front of you?

Good job.

Today is the day you call your chosen pigs/photo organizing clients.

It’s not everyone’s lucky day at the pet store. You will be taking excellent care of your guinea pigs. But you also want to be sure that these guinea pigs are right for you and your business.

Examples of 3 Ideal Guinea Pigs:

Guinea pig #1 will be a fabulous test case for you to develop a system to organize, file and backup digital photos. Print the best, file the rest. Show this guinea pig how they can do it themselves every month. Better yet, they can hire you to come over and do it for them each month.

Record everything you do for your own internal records. How many pictures, the size of the hard drive, and what you upload to the cloud. Also, the service you use, cost of backup, cost of external hard drive, your time.

After pig #1 finishes hugging you, you now can have the confidence to offer this service. Ask pig #1 to tell everyone how you helped them. Let her sing your praises and do some marketing for you. Be sure to send a handwritten note to thank her for the referral. You can add a small token of appreciation – a Starbucks or Target gift card.

Pig #2 needs your help. The milestone graduation or baby’s birth has been overwhelming her. How to organize and display the pictures has been low on the list. She’s tired. You are here to gather all the photos from various people and cameras and get them all in one place. With pig #2’s input, you will create a plan.

You might suggest a photo storyboard, or two or three suitable for framing. A canvas print for that one favorite shot–you know the perfect place she can hang it. A digital album completed for her. Throw in a digital slideshow on DVD or uploaded to a web service so everyone can watch no matter where they live. Don’t forget the final step of backing everything up in at least 3 places. Again, record each step in your business pricing strategy notebook like you did with pig #1.

Same ending for pig #2–thank her in a special and personal way for any referrals.

Pig #3 has a box of photos and memorabilia. The photos are old black and whites or irreplaceable prints or slides. They need to be sorted, organized and preserved pronto. Walk through the organization process. Spend time with her reviewing and choosing the best of the best. Get them scanned and labeled and stored. Make a traditional heirloom album or a modern digital album with the heritage photos. Or both. Back up to the cloud. Show her how other family members can have access. Create a slideshow. A framed print. Work with her to capture the stories before they’re lost.

Same ending–ask for referral names. People love to tell other people when they find a fabulous service or product! This is your opportunity to create a meaningful relationship. This is someone who already knows, likes and trusts you. Ask for a referral or two!

Now what?

  • Send each guinea pig a handwritten thank you note.
  • Be sure to give them a few of your business cards to share with key people in their life.
  • Ask them if they would write a testimonial about you and the services you provided.


High five yourself. Fist bumps all around. You have completed 3 significant photo organizing projects. You have created a marketing team of 3 ravings pigs/fans who will mention your name. They will think of you every time someone takes a picture!

You now have photo organizing clients under your belt. Experience is your middle name. You can create meaningful packages with solid pricing because you kept track of the time!

Now…call some potential clients today and tell them about your fantastic new business!

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