7 Days of Fun with Digital Photos

fun with digital photos
We are continuing our Fun with Photos series and this week is fun with digital photos. If you missed last week, here are 7 ideas for fun with your print photo projects. Our photos can be our one constant in this ever-changing world. They are full of stories, smiles, laughter, and tears. Keep these precious memories in safe places so that they are preserved forever.

Day 1: Backup your computer with Backblaze

Fun with photos starts with knowing that your collection is safe! It’s a great time to backup your entire computer hard drive and that’s what Backblaze does. Sign up for the monthly or annual plan and follow their directions to install it on your computer. It will work in the background to backup all your files including photos and videos. We both use it and it’s the first thing we set up with our clients.
fun with digital photos

Day 2: Backup your phone with Dropbox or iMazing

Already have your computer backed up and just want to backup your phone? We use Dropbox because we love how it renames our files by yyyy-mo-day as it copies them all to the “Camera Uploads” folder.

iMazing is a software program that will back up your entire phone including apps. Either one you choose, having all your phone photos backed up and copied on to a hard drive gives you peace of mind!


Day 3: Put a timer on and “favorite” your favs with the heart icon

Maybe it’s not the time to try to organize your phone filled with photos and videos. We know that can feel overwhelming. Sometimes it’s just a 15 or 30-minute window of time where you set the time and pick your favorites and use the heart icon. It helps you sift through the clutter and the favorites “album” is your go-to place to scroll through and smile.
fun with digital photos


Day 4: Grab a favorite photo and text it to a friend or family to remind them you’re thinking of them

Once you have those favorites marked, grab one or two special photos and send them to a friend or family member with a text message letting them know you are thinking of them. Old or new memory – it’s always a good time to have a sweet memory pop on your phone and one of the best ways to share the fun with photos.
digital photos
When we travel our friends take care of our cats and we do the same for them. This is Sammie and Rory (see pic above) is her sister. This was sent to them during their trip to Egypt. It’s always nice to know your sweet pets are getting the love they deserve.


Day 5: Record your voice with a photo on your phone

Search your app store for “record voice with photo” (choices and quality of apps vary as we all know). I’ve tested several for the iPhone and an older one that I found the simplest to use is “TalkingPhotos.” With just a couple of clicks, you can record your voice and tell a story or send a sweet message. The photo and voice recording becomes an mp3 file with a play button.


Day 6: Host a photo swap with a group – send 5 and get 5

I was remembering those old recipe swaps with physical recipe cards and then people adapted the idea with an email swap. Let’s update it and start swapping photos! How many times have you left a gathering and later ask someone to text or email you the photos? Or are you the person who takes all the photos? It’s fun to see each other’s photos. Pick a group of friends or family and start the swap!


Day 7: Phone photo games with your kids

Pick a random number and share that photo on your camera roll. You can do this in a group “live” or virtually. It’s a fun way to tell stories because when you say “share the 12th photo on your camera roll” there are bound to be some interesting explanations about what funny or weird photo pops up. Or play “I spy” with phone photos.
fun with digital photos
This was the 12th photo on my camera roll, a picture of my daughter playing Xbox 360 Kinect Adventures. It’s so much fun and good exercise too!

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