Graduation Photo Albums

graduation photo album

Graduation photo album.

Another popular gift is a graduation photo album that is a wonderful keepsake for the graduate. Bonus is that it becomes a table decoration that guests can enjoy if you have a party. Even if your client is planning a small family and friends gathering, it’s fun to gather around and flip through an album filled with memories of the graduate.

Some similar “rules” apply to creating a graduation album that also apply to graduation slideshows. Starting this album project months before graduation is one of the best services you can offer your client. Remember it is an emotional time for many parents and your help as a photo organizer who listens well and has empathy is often exactly what they need and why they have hired you!

Top 3 Album Tips

1. Prep work – start early and make a plan

Ask good questions to set some boundaries to ensure this project goes smoothly. Is the goal to get 4 years of memories in one album? Or is the goal to create a birth to 18 photo album. Will memorabilia be included? Very different but equally meaningful.

2. Photo selection – create a formula

Using your favorite vendor and album size, give your client your best recommendations for the number of photos for the album. Then you can break the number of photos down into sections for the album.

3. Stories and Captions

Help your client tell the graduate’s story. Suggest that they enlist the help of family and friends to include their favorite memories, best wishes or life advice for the graduate. Quick captions or “section” labels with events and years will be appreciated. Sprinkle in quotes on the pages especially if writing is a challenge. Encourage mom and/or dad to write a letter to the graduate for the beginning or end of the album.

You know that we always want you to be profitable in the services you offer. If you are struggling with your pricing, definitely check out our Album Design Forms and make it one of your best income streams!

We love to hear from you so share your favorite album tip in the comments below…

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