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Graduation SlideshowsGraduation Slideshows. Do you have clients with children who are graduating this year? If so you need to start early to help them with a slideshow. Start the conversation with them in January and they will thank you later!

High school graduation is the most popular event that is suited for a slideshow. The goal is to celebrate the accomplishment of the graduate (and the parents)! Some clients might have a kindergarten or 8th grade graduate and they may want to have a graduation slideshow created for them. And let’s not forget that having a college graduate is definitely cause for celebration. Especially if parents didn’t quite get to the high school slideshow they had planned.

Rita has senior #2 in her family this year and I’m delighted to report that we’re 4 for 4 at our house. As photo organizers ourselves, we face the same dilemma that our clients do in wanting to create something memorable with photos to mark the milestone of graduation!

Top 3 Graduation Slideshow Tips

1) Prep work – start early and make a plan

This should include the who, what, where & how questions: Ask your client who the audience will be, what type of event, where it will be played and how it will be viewed. This information will help you know how to recommend time length and number of photos. Use this great free slideshow calculator.

2) Photo selection – create a formula

7 – 10 minutes is a good rule of thumb and that means approximately 75 photos. This also creates some great boundaries during photo selection. Your formula can be 25/25/25 and help the client choose 25 baby/toddler, 25 elementary/middle school and 25 high school years photos. Or maybe they want it to be all about the last 4 years so you can use a 50/50 formula with 37 family photos and 38 friends photos.

3) Music – offer beautiful options while respecting copyright

Discuss with your client from the start that you are not able to use the most popular music. However, you have some wonderful options. The music becomes that soft background and the photos are the stars of the show! Our favorite music for slideshows that recommend with our VIP clients are songs from Songfinch. They really are perfect for any slideshow!

Of course, there is another important factor when creating slideshows as a service in your business. And that is to make sure that you are profitable. Our Slideshow Pricing Forms are so helpful in both creating an efficient workflow and in determining your pricing.

We love to hear from you so share your favorite slideshow tip in the comments below…

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  1. This could not be more timely for me personally! I have both a college senior and a high school senior graduating in a few months…..

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