Hard Conversations

hard conversations

I’ve felt very heavy this last week. And it’s not just because of the weight I’ve gained during this pandemic.

We have a lot of work to do. And that doesn’t just mean to make a living. 

We have a lot of hard conversations and work to do to make this world better.

I have not been silent at home. As a family of six living in metropolitan Atlanta we’ve had a lot of discussions. Especially this weekend. As the youngest went to the protests downtown on Friday and Saturday. And one of the darling twins is on standby with her Army National Guard unit because she may be needed in that role at the protests.

None of this is easy and I’m not whining at my white privileged life.

I’m writing for Rita and myself now.

We’re immersing ourselves in hard conversations and a lot of reading that we frankly should have been doing much sooner than this.

Words have power and I’ve seen people using so many words online and in social media. They have been heart wrenching and uplifting. And they have been sad and mean-spirited. 

My hope is that we can use our words and our actions to do better.

With grace and kindness. For every human.

Our motto here at PPO Studio in training is…

Listen. Learn. Implement.

We’re doing that. Professionally. 

Now we’re doing it even more. Personally.

I hope you all are too.


Please don’t hesitate to share any great resources in the comments so we can all do better…we’ll start with these three:

1. Listen
2. Educate
3. Donate

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  1. Nancy E Quinlan

    Listened. Educated. Donated. Ready to take risks to be an ally.
    Thanks for providing this platform.

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