Interested in Becoming a Photo Organizer

Become-a-photo-organizerWe get asked about how to become a photo organizer quite a bit – we’ve even been asked if someone could spend a day or two in our home offices shadowing us or if we offer a mentoring program. Some top dollar offers…we have politely declined.

Since Rita and I are both practicing photo organizers as well as business partners actively working to offer training to both new and seasoned photo organizers here and at PPO Insider – that one-to-one face-to-face training is not something that fits in our schedules with our current work queue and being committed to enjoying time with our families.

We know that women are hungry for the freedom and flexibility that owning your own business can provide. We also know that many moms are searching for that “second act” especially if they are empty nesters.

Here’s where blogging can help us reach out and help more women! We want to share our best tips for starting a profitable photo organizing business.

Love Photos and Stories
It sounds so obvious but seriously – that’s the most important part of being a photo organizer. If you feel “called” to help people get their photos organized so they can tell their stories and share those photos and stories with family and friends, you’re on the right track already!

Invest in Education & Training
Not just about photo organizing but be sure you learn what it takes to run a business. In the beginning, you will wear many hats and you should be realistic about the time you’ll need to invest in administrative work and client work. Helping people with their photos is just one part of the business. Check out the Small Business Administration for resources.

Time & Money
Make sure you set aside time to work on your business. Schedule it. Especially if you have another job. It does take work to make your business dream come to life! And set a start-up budget. You can start this business for less than $1000 and some have done it for less than $500! Use our free income calculator to figure out how many billable hours you need to start making money!

Embrace Technology
Even if you want to work with print photo collections and have no interest in organizing a digital photo collection, you’ll still need working knowledge of scanners and software because most print collections need to be digitized and backed up so future generations can enjoy them with modern technology. In addition, showing clients how to view and enjoy their newly digitized prints on a computer, phone or tablet will be part of your world now!

Get a Website
It’s the new business card even though we believe you should still have printed business cards. 🙂 A website adds an official presence on the internet that gives people confidence that you have a legitimate business. It is very often their “first impression” of you if they search so make sure you start with a simple one page website with a professional headshot and highlight your “why” which will help people learn more about your authentic desire to help people with their photos and stories.

Accountability Partner
Maybe it’s your best friend, your spouse or another small business owner – what’s important is to have someone who supports you and what you want to build. After you share it all, this person keeps you on track. They want you to succeed but they also are not afraid to give you some “tough love” when necessary. Being your own boss can be fun, challenging and sometimes lonely. Being able to pick up the phone and talk through things with someone who knows your passion and your work ethic is important!

Build Relationships with other Professional Photo Organizers
Reach out and connect and engage with other photo organizers. Learn more about them and ways you could work together. You’ve got to give and not just be a sponge to soak up everything they know. Bring your own special skill set to the table and think how can you make it a reciprocal relationship.

Spread the Word
We’re all still educating the world that this is a real profession and it takes just the right timing to find people who are ready for help. While you are so excited to share about your new business and all the things you can do to help people with their photos, planting seeds about this takes time and you have to be ready to polish up your soft skills to share and sell your services.

Woo hoo! You’ve read all the way to the end and that means you are still interested in becoming a photo organizer!
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