Linda Deppa Photo Organizer

Episode #30 of our podcast features Professional Photo Organizer Linda Deppa. Linda experienced a near-death experience after a serious car accident and this event changed how she lives her amazing and inspiring life! Linda has been passionate about organizing since childhood and has used her organizing skills throughout her life. For more than two decades, she has organized and managed a variety of projects both small and large for her clients. She brings compassion and warmth to each client, teaching them how to lead organized, productive lives.

Show Notes

  1. Connect with Linda if you need a photo organizer in the Pacific Northwest or even if you don’t live in the area she offers her services remotely too!
  2. Are you thinking you might want to organize your own photos? Listen to Linda’s tip #4 as she has some great advice on getting started…and of course, Sherra and Rita have some tips too!
  3. We mentioned our photo organizer directory as a great place to find a photo organizer to help you with your precious photo collection!

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