The Lonely Entrepreneur

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Way back in 2012 on another blog (RIP), I wrote about this phrase, the lonely entrepreneur, that my friend Susan shared with me.

I have discovered that I could become a hermit and never leave my office. My introverted self is fine being by myself as an empty nester in a quiet house.

But I also know that it’s easier for me to say that right now because I have a full client workload. And I have a business partner in Boston and we talk weekly. (Hi Rita!)

It hasn’t always been that way and I do know firsthand how it can feel to be working all alone. Especially if you are still in startup mode and trying to figure things out.

It can be lonely.

The internet has opened a whole new world of choices about how and where we work. Working from home has its benefits. As does the ability to log on to WiFi and use a computer to send a few emails, pay bills and do a host of other things.

Does all of this instant access make us more productive?

I would argue that it can actually get in the way of being productive.

More importantly, it can get in the way of being successful.

Many of us can claim adult ADD – and some do have it. I know the internet conveniences often get in the way of focusing on some of the aspects of building a business.

I have talked to countless business owners who get stuck and feel isolated when they work from home.

It is lonely.

Enter Social Media.

I’m not discounting those real relationships with colleagues can happen online. Social media can mean the convenience of an instant answer. It can also help for a specific problem or be someone to vent to when we get frustrated.

Pinterest has beautiful visuals. Facebook gives you “live” conversation. Twitter gives you bite-sized communication. After you spend a day on these sites, you are on information overload. And you forgot to work on getting a new client (or two or three). It’s dinner time and you don’t know what you’re making…so you go back to the computer to search for a new recipe.

And you go to bed at night realizing that you did not actually talk to one human. Or even a potential client.

There is nothing that will ever replace, live human connection. That is why we encourage you to be mindful of the time you spend online. Make an effort to schedule time outside of your office to meet a colleague or friend for coffee or lunch. Get some fresh air and visit a local small business near you. Pick up the phone and call someone who you haven’t talked to in a while.

We want to close the gap so that entrepreneurs feel a little less lonely! We’re here to help you sift through the noise of the internet and we’re listening…

Share in the comments below the top 3 things you need in your business right now!

Photo credit: Kristina Tripkovic
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