Mother’s Day Gift – DIY Celebration Box

Mother's Day Gift
Mother’s Day is a holiday that conjures up so many emotions. Most are good but I know for many, it’s a holiday that can be about broken hearts and broken relationships. It can also be hard for those who yearn to be a mother.

Really, if we stop to think about it there are so many holidays that come and go that are filled with sadness for those who aren’t able to celebrate for a thousand reasons.

This Mother’s Day will be like that in part because of this global pandemic. But it will also be a day of celebration for all that we can be grateful for right now.

And for the women (and men) suffering heartbreak…please know that we are thinking of you and holding space for you. Mothering doesn’t just mean birthing a baby. We should all be mothering each other right now. I like it as a verb and not just a noun. 💜

So this year, on Mother’s Day I’m wishing you all a day that you can celebrate what is good in your life. And think of the people who love you and who you love. Even if they are not your children.

Here’s to the aunts, sisters, and friends…

If the actual day has crept up on you and you lost track of time (just a random observation here) then create a simple Celebration Box. For your mom. Or for yourself as your own Mother’s day gift!

Quite frankly, I like the idea of gifting one for yourself.

Gather the bits and pieces of favorite cards, letters, memorabilia and photos and put them in a box. Open that box whenever you need to remember…you are loved.

That’s it. No big project. No spending a lot of money.

Just look around and put some special words and memories in that box.

Mother yourself. You deserve it.

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