Start With One Photo Organizing Client

photo organizing clientNew Photo Organizing Clients

Maybe you want 10 new photo organizing clients, maybe you want 50. It doesn’t matter what your number is.

Or maybe your goal is a financial number – to earn $50,000 dollars this year.

Long term goals are great. We should all have them. But many times those long term goals must be broken down into smaller, bite-sized goals. Daily goals help you get to those quarterly and annual goals. Our Income calculator can help with this.

Here’s my suggestion and it applies to whatever business goal you have set:

Start with One…

One really can be a magical number.

One day at a time.

One phone call at a time.

One email at a time.

One appointment at a time.

One new client at a time.

If you make it your job to connect with people, you will get those appointments that will bring you one step closer to a new client which will, in turn, bring you one step closer to your financial goal.

With this simple strategy, you will see your business grow this year!

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