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Episode #31 of our podcast is about fun things to do with your photos. Most of us are self-isolating and practicing social distancing and might be feeling a bit glum. This is an ideal time to embrace your photos in fun and creative ways. If you want to jump right to our tips we have added the times below. Get started today!

Show Notes

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Print, Digital, Project & Photo Story Tips:

    1. [4:30] – Print photo tip: how to enjoy your old photo albums
    2. [8:45] – Print photo tip: surprising your kids with photos in unexpected places
    3. [11:21] – Digital photo tip: backup your photos.  We recommend Backblaze for your computer & iMazing for your phone
    4. [13:06] – Digital photo tip: text a favorite photo to let a family member know you are thinking of them
    5. [15:38] – Photo project tip: make a “photo projects” folder
    6. [18:06] – Photo project tip: make photo cards for any occasions – think Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, etc..
    7. [21:00] – Photo stories tip: call your oldest relative and have them tell you a story about a photo or a special memory – go here to see what a Taylor Tot is!
    8. [25:55] – Photo stories tip: take a photo of your favorite object and tell its story
    9. For more photo fun project ideas visit this blog post: Connect with Family & Friends with 7 Days of Fun Print Photo Projects

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