Does Your Passion Get In The Way of Your Profit?

photo organizing passion

Photo organizing passion!

There is no denying that small business owners are passionate.

Whatever their product or service is, eyes light up and their voices fill with excitement when given the opportunity to talk about their business.

Oftentimes what comes with that passion is a business owner who wants to give away their time or deeply discount their rates in the name of “love.” They love their customer and want to help them. They love their business and they want new clients. All normal.

But sometimes the love turns desperate. Not normal.

Desperate for clients and hungry to grow their new business, we’ve seen people let their business passion cut into their profit when they aren’t willing to stand firm on pricing. Don’t let those feelings of desperation overtake making smart business decisions.

Get Paid for the Value you Give

Make the rest of your goals this month align with your photo organizing passion. Love your business enough to set a solid pricing structure that matches your professional services. Reach out to prospective and existing clients and share your passion for your products and services while giving them fair prices. Be confident in charging what you are worth.

Still thinking that estimating jobs is a good idea in your business?

Here is a great article that addresses that topic:

Why Estimating Copywriting Projects Is Like Learning to Play Tennis…

Even though the article is targeted for copywriters, it has some great tips for any service business. Be sure to read some of the great comments that follow the article too.

Remember passion and profit can work beautifully together – especially if you lose the “I’m desperate” sign!

We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment and share your best tip on estimating projects and pricing. 

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  1. Billie Meyers, The Photo Nurse

    OH yeah! Thanks for reminding us that what we do IS VERY valuable – to the right people. And I’ve already had enough time working with the not-so-right people. Learning to choose our clients is like learning to play tennis . . . 🙂

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