Photo Organizing Service: Self or Full Service?

Photo Organizing Service

Photo Organizing Service Self or Full Service?

Self-service is alive and well.

Remember the days when there was a cashier at the store, a clerk at the post office, a banker who greeted you…

Today we have become our own cashier banker and candlestick maker.

With ATMs and self-checkouts and machines that dispense whatever we need, the human element has been removed from our customer service experience.

No wonder we are busier than ever. In addition to our jobs, parenthood and our daily responsibilities we have to check ourselves out at the grocery, be our own bank teller and pump our own gas. Is this what you want to offer for your photo organizing service?

Okay, so there are probably only a few of you who remember full-service gas stations. I’m dating myself.

Unless you live in Oregon or New Jersey and aren’t allowed to pump your own gas.

My point is this…

Small business owners have the ability to bring back that “full service” experience.

It wasn’t just about pumping gas. The full-service stations checked your oil, washed your windshield and put air in your tires.

These little extras may have cost a little extra but they were worth it.

Figure out what your photo organizing clients want and then provide extraordinary photo organizing service so they become your best source of advertising.

Some customers actually want you to teach them how to do things. Some customers want you to do it for them.

Know the difference and know their needs and then help them.

Embrace technology that can make life easier but remember why they call it “the good old days.”

Find ways to blend the new with good old-fashioned customer service and you have a winning combination.

Create customer experiences that are worth talking about.

In a good way.

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