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Women Are Turning Their Passion For Family Photos Into Thriving Careers!

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There’s no end to the photos and precious keepsakes people collect. Kids and pets are ADORABLE and smartphone cameras are getting better every day!

Photos and the stories behind them are priceless. And during fires and floods, once people and pets are safe, the next most important “p”… is photos!

Technology is always changing and there are many choices for photo storage and sharing. Not having a consistent workflow or the right tools adds to the frustration.

How would it feel to have the
right tools, custom forms, and a proven workflow as a guide?

Sherra Training Speaker
Sherra Rita Certified Photo Organizers Atlanta Boston

Meet PPO Studio Founders Sherra and Rita
We’re busy moms who run our own photo organizing businesses and train photo organizers.
The tools, forms, and workflow we reveal in the PPO Studio Photo Organizing Starter System™
are based on day-to-day experiences with our clients and 25+ years of running our own businesses.
We’ve empowered over 350+ women in their entrepreneurial journeys as photo organizers…
And it all starts with organizing your own photo collection.

Inside the PPO Photo Organizing Starter System™

• Photo Organizing Reference Cards: 34 “cheat cards” with workflow and processes for digital and printed photo organizing and much more. Print and use for your photo collection. ($97 value)

• Roadmap to Success Guide: Are you thinking photo organizing could be a dream job? We’ll walk you through pricing, business basics, marketing and share with you the tools we use + more. ($97 value)

• PPO Studio’s Best Practices Guide:
This guide features 50 smart tips and best practices for five services to offer: Scanning, Slideshows, Album Design, Printed & Digital Organizing. ($97 value)

• PPO Studio Business Checklists:
Having the right office setup is critical to photo organizing efficiency. Included also are checklists for toolboxes when working with clients. ($27 value)

• Editable PDF Photo Organizing Forms:
A total of four custom-designed forms. Two for collecting information about a client’s collection, and two for managing digital and printed photos. ($57 value)

photo organizing cheat cards
Easy to print "cheat cards" provide guidance when organizing photos.
photo organizing roadmap
A go-to guide when building a photo organizing business.
photo organizing best practices
A guide to workflows for FIVE key services to offer.
4 editable forms, 2 for using with your own photos & 2 for clients.

Ready to dive in? Get started with our
Photo Organizing Starter System™
$375 value + bonuses, now only $97!

Inside the Starter System uncover the framework needed to build a photo organizing business and also discover tips and techniques the pros use to organize their own photo collections.

Invest today to receive these exclusive BONUSES:
1) Step-by-step guide on how to backup photos on iPhone or Android. 
2) Digital Photo Organizing (DPO) workflow process cards.
3) Editable calendar to block out time to schedule photo organizing!

Backup Photos iPhone Guide
Digital Photo Organizing Workflow Cards
DPO Workflow Process Cards
Backup Photos Android Guide

Investing in your family’s keepsakes is a gift to everyone you love! We get incredible joy from sharing our sweet creations with family and friends. The joy on the faces of loved ones and the bonding that happens when you share a treasured photo album are priceless. If this is your passion, we’d love to have you on this journey with us!

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What makes this Starter System the right investment?

💙 Saves time and money. Many people waste years planning their business without ever getting started. Start offering photo organizing services right away. 

💙  No reinventing the wheel. The processes and workflows revealed inside the Starter System are the same ones we use with our own photos and photo organizing clients.

💙 Stands the test of time. In the 7+ years we’ve been training photo organizers we’ve seen a lot of technology change and our systems continue to be successful and effective.

The Photo Organizing Starter System™
$375 value + bonuses, now only $97!

Ready to be a lady boss and rock this business?


“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” - Oprah Winfrey

Frequently Asked Questions:

The tools/forms/workflow in our starter system will provide one with an overview & framework to help get photos organized. 

The Starter System is the first step to laying the foundation for a photo organizing business. Success happens by reading through the material, using the forms and implementing what is learned.

The Starter System comes with an editable calendar. We recommend blocking out time for not only building a business but family time and self-care time too! We have found that a regularly scheduled time to “work on photos” keeps us accountable. 

An email will be sent after purchase confirmation and will include a link to access the learning portal with all the material included in the Starter System.

Yes! Testing processes and workflows on your own collection is a great way to be confident in building a business.

Yes, photo organizing is a growing industry. People are taking photos at a ridiculous rate and inturn are overwhelmed with their digital clutter. Your unique talent of organization and our proven processes provide the perfect framework to get started!

We will be happy to answer questions related to our Starter System. If you are looking for an opportunity to interact with other like-minded photo organizers we’ll share more about that opportunity inside the Starter System.

The Photo Organizing Starter System™
$375 value + bonuses, now only $97!


Believe it or not, we don’t offer refunds on digital products.
This is such a small investment you’re making that if you implement what you learn,
there’s potential for huge results! Of course, we can’t guarantee results.

Any questions, please email us

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