Print & Digital Photo Organizing Starter System

PPO Studio Photo Organizing Starter System™

Discover a proven, step-by-step method for starting a profitable photo organizing business… without wasting money on expensive training or equipment.

This amazing Starter System will set you up for success! We start you with the right tools and processes so you don’t waste time re-inventing the wheel! We’re busy moms and wasting time is not our jam – time is money so let’s get started!

Packed with simple instructions, downloadable forms and checklists designed to start your business with success.

Start Your Dream Job From Home Today!

photo organizing cheat cards
Printable "cheat cards" help you organize your photos
photo organizing roadmap
Your guide to everything you need to start your business!
photo organizing best practices
Your guide to workflows for FIVE key income streams
Editable form with questions for new client appointments

Here’s what’s included in the PPO Photo Organizing Starter System™

• Photo Organizing Reference Cards:
34 “cheat cards” with workflow and processes for digital and printed photo organizing and much more. Print and use for your photo collection. ($97 value)
• Your Roadmap to Success Guide: Are you thinking about starting your business? We’ll walk you through pricing, business basics, marketing and share with you the tools we use + more! ($97 value)
• PPO Studio Best Practices Guide:
If you’re wondering, “Can I really make money doing this?” this guide features 50 smart tips and best practices for 5 profitable income streams. ($97 value)
• PPO Studio Business Checklists:
Having the right office setup is critical to your photo organizing efficiency. And you can start today with only a tiny investment. You can do this! ($27 value)

• Editable PDF Photo Organizing Forms:
A total of four forms… two for collecting information about your client’s collection… and two for managing digital and printed photos.($57 value)

Are you ready to dive in?
The PPO Studio Photo Organizing Starter System™
$375 value + bonuses, now only $97!

Isn’t it time to start making a solid income while working from home?

The PPO Studio Photo Organizing Starter System™ has everything mentioned above
+ 3 amazing BONUSES:
1) Two easy to use guides on how to backup your phone (iPhone & Android)
2) Digital Photo Organizing Workflow Process “Step” Cards (two formats)     
3) Editable calendar (use on computer/tablet) you decide your schedule         

Backup Your iPhone Guide
Digital Photo Organizing Workflow Cards
DPO Workflow Process Cards
Backup Your Android Guide

To guide you efficiently and effectively
so you can achieve financial freedom as a professional photo organizer
without unnecessary startup costs or wasted time.

Using our proven forms, workflow and processes
are exactly what you need to SAVE TIME
as you build your photo organizing business!

The PPO Studio Photo Organizing Starter System™
$375 value + bonuses, now only $97!


Believe it or not, we don’t offer a guarantee. And here’s why…
People who pay, PAY ATTENTION. This $97 investment offers a HUGE return potential to those who implement.
And YOU are the only one who can do that!

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