9 Days of Unique Photo Projects to Connect with Your Family & Friends

photo projects
We are continuing our Fun with Photos series and this week is 9 Days of Photo Projects! If you missed the last weeks, click here for 7 days of Fun with Digital Photos or here for 7 ideas for fun with your print photo projects. Our photos can be our one constant in this ever-changing world. They are full of stories, smiles, laughter, and tears. Keep these precious memories in safe places so that they are preserved forever.

Before You Start Your Photo Projects

Make a folder on your computer for photo projects. This one simple folder will make your photo life so much easier! Start with one main folder that you name “Photo Projects.”  Then, create sub-folders inside for any projects you have in your brain.

As you find photos or have time at the computer, you simply copy and drop photos into the project folder. If you use our Digital Photo Organizing core file structure, just remember to make a copy of the photos you need. No need to move them out of their annual or monthly folders. Sometimes duplicates are A-okay! 🙂

Day 1: Make Your Own Photo Card

Have some card stock or construction paper? Make an actual photo card with a little adhesive and write a personal note. Pop it in an envelope and mail it to grandma. Or put it under someone’s pillow at your house. We need connection and joy!

Day 2: Create Personalized Note Cards

Have a favorite photo that just lights you up? I used a photo of our azalea bushes in full bloom that my youngest daughter took when she was about 13 and ordered 25 cards with that photo. It’s my personal notecard/stationery and I love to send handwritten notes to people with that beautiful photo.

Day 3: Photo memory game

photo projectsSuch a great photo gift for kids to get in the mail and so easy to create online at Pinhole Press. You only need 12 photos to create the game – simple and affordable.

Day 4: Toddler board book

One more shout out for Pinhole Press because we love their spiral bound board books for toddlers! You need 11 to 21 photos and helps toddlers connect with family who may be near or far away. Always a favorite!

Day 5: Start a tribute album with print or digital photos

photo projectNow might be the perfect time to plan that special tribute album for a milestone occasion. Graduation, birthday, anniversary – you pick the milestone and start gathering the photos and notes from people. Celebrate the occasion with your loved one with an album all about them and their life! If you need some help with starting your album Rita shares four steps to take before designing your photo album over at Photovation.

Day 6: Wrapping paper from blueprint at office supply

Such a fun and unique way to wrap presents. You can upload your files to an office supply store and have them print out the photo in a giant format with the blueprint printer they have in the print center. I have had this done at Staples and it is inexpensive and a true conversation piece.

Day 7: Start photographing your kids’ artwork

photo projectsIf you’ve been saving a pile of artwork from your kids, it might be time to set it all out and take photos of it.

We suggest to moms with young kids to take a photo of them holding the artwork and you’ll have a photo of the age they were when they created each masterpiece! We share more great tips on preserving kid’s artwork podcast episode #7.

Kids already grown but you saved everything? That’s okay too. Just having photos of each creation can help you declutter for the win! And you can make a digital album of it later.

Day 8: Set up a digital photo frame

This is a fun project to involve all the family members and include favorite photos from everyone. You can set up a Nixplay frame and use the Nixplay app to share photos to the frame. Watching the frame “wake up” when you walk in a room and seeing your favorites on the screen sparks joy for everyone!

Day 9: Organize one box of print photos

photo projectsYou pick the box. One box. Go through and sort and cull and get rid of duplicates. Organize your prints one box at a time.

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