Who Dusts Their Photos?

UGH! Dust Spots.
Since dusting is not my favorite household chore, I may not be qualified to give advice about dusting your photos. 😜

Actually, truth be told, I do not have a favorite household chore, hence the word chore.

But this is about cleaning your photos before you scan them. And, why it’s worth taking the time to do it even if you don’t like to dust!

We encourage you to take the time to clean your photos with a microfiber cloth. Do this before you put them on your scanner glass or send them through your scanning auto feeder.

•It keeps your scanner clean(er).
•It eliminates those pesky white dots all over the scanned photos.
•Using a microfiber cloth helps eliminate scratching the photo.

Side note:

I realize that there are filters and apps to actually add dust, spots, and scratches to photos. The vintage, grunge look is sometimes considered hip and cool. I get that. I love the look of our precious old photos. I’ll relinquish my “hip and cool” title.

Here’s an example of a “rushed” scan with dust specks:

photo scan with dust

Here’s the same photo cleaned up before scanning:

photo scan with no dust

I see dusty photos on the news and in slideshows all the time. I’m far from a perfectionist in scanning but the dust can be very distracting.

You may not be able to see the difference until they are displayed on a large screen OR you print the scan. The dust can look like hair or scratches or specks. UGH!

Trust me, if you spend a bit of time cleaning your print photos, your “digital master” will be a much better quality scan!

I am now an unofficial member of the “I dust my photos” club and I’m inviting you to join me. 😍

And if you want to go back and add some grunge to your scanned digital photos with computer software and filters…you get to do that at your leisure.

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