Photo Scanning Life Lessons: Edit Later

Getting those print photos scanned is a giant accomplishment in itself.

Permission is now granted to edit your scanned photos later.

Creating the original “digital master” is an important first step.

You can tackle editing them later. Or not at all.

Yep, some people love to keep the vintage look of the old prints. And if that’s how you’d like to keep them – you get to do that.

Or you can decide to do some light editing with some color, brightness, or contrast adjustments. There are some great software programs that require just a few clicks to make some sweet improvements.

This early 1960s black and white might need some minor tweaks to enhance the image. But it’s great to have it scanned in its original state first!

black and white print photo scan

P.S. Editing is different than restoration. We’ll give you tips on that coming soon.

Life Lessons in Photo Scanning:

Edit Later. Relax. You don’t have to do all of this at once. It’s not a race. It’s a process.

Share the date you are starting your scanning (or the date you started already GO YOU!) in the comments below…bonus points if you jump over to our PPO Studio Facebook page and share a scanned photo there!


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