Photo Scanning Life Lessons: Just Start

Sometimes the hardest step is the first step.

Just start applies to so many things.

For photo scanning, we’ve heard it so many times. The obstacles are…


👆Sound familiar?

We got two huge boxes of photos from my mother-in-law in the fall of 2018. Not going to lie…we tucked them in the guest room and didn’t open them for a YEAR.

Then she had a major health scare in September 2019. WHY did we wait so long? Instead of trying to sort and organize everything in those boxes before we started scanning at home, I opened them up and looked for the oldest photos and put them all in a smaller box.

In just a few hours one evening, I had one part of her life’s photos in a small box so my husband could JUST START scanning. (Yes, he’s the scanner at our house!)

Oh, the treasures we’ve discovered in this box. And the stories. We’ve still got loads to scan but at least we’ve got the oldest, most fragile photos scanned so we can share and talk about them.

1950s scanned photo

She has been thrilled with seeing these photos again.

Grab a box, any box (or pile, or envelope), and JUST START.

Life Lessons in Photo Scanning:

Just start. It’s so much better than having it on that eternal “to do” list that we keep in our heads. Start with one. It’s addictive and soon you’ll love seeing your print photos on your screens!

Share the date you are starting your scanning (or the date you started already GO YOU!) in the comments below…bonus points if you jump over to our PPO Studio Facebook page and share a scanned photo there!


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