Photo Scanning Life Lessons: Choose Your Favorites

Life lessons surround us and we have learned so many things hidden in the lessons of scanning photos.

Some are deep and emotional. Others are common sense reminders we need from time to time.

Here is a lesson learned: How about you just grab your favorite print photos and scan them first?

Seriously! Scan your favorite photos – how much sense does that make?

The daunting task of scanning every print photo in all the boxes. And envelopes. And drawers. Who said we have to do that?

What if you start with any old photos in frames around your house? And when you open the boxes, what if your immediate goal is to sift through quickly and grab only those photos that “move you”. Whatever feeling you get that makes you catch your breath or gives you goosebumps. Maybe they make you laugh out loud. Or tears well up in you eyes.

Yep, those are the favorites to scan right now.

precious print photo to scan

This one is framed for sure. My dad meeting his namesake, his first grandson and my firstborn. ❤️

You got this!

Life Lessons in Photo Scanning:

Choose Your Favorites. Holy moly this can be so freeing! Raise your hand if you put unrealistic expectations on yourself when you start to tackle a project. Ahem…both hands raised here. I need reminders to stop doing that. “Choose your favorites” helps guide me in so many ways!

Share how many favorites you’ve scanned so far in the comments below…bonus points if you jump over to our PPO Studio Facebook page and share one of those favorite scanned photos there!


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  1. Boy, you said a MOUTH full!!! EXCELLENT guidance, especially for a bunch of perfectionists – or at least THIS perfectionist, who always wants to climb to the top of the mountain in one easy step. Thanks!

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