Photo Scanning Life Lessons: Pro Restoration is Worth It

We have been sharing a lot of tips on DIY photo scanning and want you to experience scanning success at home. However, at some point, you will likely encounter a photo that makes you realize…you’re going to need some pro help.

For me, it might be pro-intervention. Because even though I am a professional photo organizer, I am not a pro at photo restoration. Rita is really good at it and has some excellent Photoshop skills.

Me – I’m good at other stuff. 😜

Really, this is about deciding what you want to learn and how deep you want to dive in. I know photo restoration is not for me. I’m good at fixing red-eye and boosting color, but not with repairing a photo.

This is where I’m willing to invest some money for those extra special photos that have been damaged beyond my editing “powers”.

Here is an example of a photo that may have been over-handled which also means it is one of those well-loved photos.

damaged scanned photo

I’m the flower girl in my cousin’s wedding. This was the photo I brought to school whenever a teacher said we needed to bring a photo of ourselves in for some assignment or project. My cousin’s family has always felt like my second family. They were a shelter in a storm for my mom during some hard times. This is a cherished photo and the restoration was worth it!!

scanned photo restoration

Life Lessons in Photo Scanning:

Pro Restoration is Worth It. Technology makes restoration on scanned digital images possible. The transformation can be amazing. Be sure to choose a restoration company that respects the integrity of the original print and doesn’t “over-process” it.

What is the first photo you think of that needs to be professionally restored? Share in the comments below…bonus points if you jump over to our PPO Studio Facebook page and share a before and after scanned photo that has been restored if you have one!


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