Photo Scanning Life Lessons: 3 Self-Imposed Rules

Sometimes making self-imposed rules is the only way I can get anything done. I have to be the boss of me because I really don’t like anyone else being the boss of me.

Anyone else feel this way?

This is really a life lesson, like so many, that we apply to scanning but it applies to lots of areas in my life.

So now you think I’m going to give you the 3 rules? Nope…I’m not the boss of you. 😉

I’m going to suggest you make your own self-imposed rules to help you get your scanning done.

But to help you out, I’ll give you my 3 rules:

  1. Make an appointment with myself on the calendar for scanning time
  2. Keep my scanning area clean and clutter-free
  3. Take regular breaks

There’s a favorite quote that reminds me of why I need self-imposed rules and has guided me for many years…

promises to myself mary anne radmacher

I’ve promised myself I am going to get all the print photos scanned for both sides of our family. My rules help keep me on track. Also, I can only remember 3 things max at any time. Sometimes only 1 or 2.

Life Lessons in Photo Scanning:

3 Self-Imposed Rules. I’m not great with rules unless they are self-imposed. I could also refer to them as boundaries. But I need to boss myself with a firmer hand so I do need some rules.

What are your 3 self-imposed rules going to be? Share in the comments below…bonus points if you jump over to our PPO Studio Facebook page and share a scanned photo there!


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