Photo Stories: 5 Days for Photo Fun to Connect with Your Family & Friends

Photo Stories
We are continuing our Fun with Photos series and this week is 5 Days of Photo Stories! If you missed the last weeks, click here for 9 days of Unique Photo Projects, 7 days of Fun with Digital Photos or here for 7 ideas for fun with your print photo projects. Our photos can be our one constant in this ever-changing world. They are full of stories, smiles, laughter, and tears. Keep these precious memories in safe places so that they are preserved forever.

Day 1: Call your oldest relative and ask them to tell a story about an old photo you have

Ask your loved ones to share their photo stories. If you can FaceTime and show them the photo, that’s great! But even if you can’t show them, we’re betting if you describe the photo to them on the phone, you’ll be able to get them talking about it. Take notes or ask for their permission to record their voice while they tell you some stories.

Day 2: Write down a story about one of your favorite photos
photo stories

We know it’s hard to pick one but give it a try! Those framed photos you carefully selected that are touchstones around your house…now is a great time to write down the story that goes with the photo. Sometimes it’s just a sentence or two but it can be as long as you need it to be. Keep in mind it can be of whatever you want. No grading allowed, you will not be submitting your photo stories to your teacher. 😉

The story behind this photo is cancer. In second grade one of my daughter’s friends had cancer. Each week she would write her a new message on her whiteboard, which I would then photograph, print and we’d mail to her. It was a sweet way to show her friend she was thinking about her.

Day 3: Take a photo of an object and tell its story
photo project

Speaking of touchstones, we all have some special objects sitting on shelves or dressers or nightstands in our house (even if you are minimalist). It’s time to capture the story behind the object and write down why it’s meaningful to you. Your kids will thank you one day for these photo stories that share why you kept that special item and maybe, they’ll want to keep it too.

See the photo of the Russian Dolls, be sure to listen to our podcast to learn the story about these dolls.

Day 4: Ask your mom or dad about the day you were born
photo stories

This is a great storytime with little kids but becomes even more special the older you get. Ask for details and about the world leading up to the day you were born. Asking questions helps prompt memories that should be shared. Create a relaxed Q&A space and record the “interview.”

I have a friend that had triplets 3 weeks ago – can you imagine the story she’ll be telling those 3 when they are old enough!

Day 5: Write down a favorite family tradition and find a photo to go with it

The ornaments on the Christmas tree. The celebration plate that the birthday person gets to use. The recipe that only mom makes. It’s time to tell the stories and make sure you are passing down these things to the next generation. We often take so much for granted and our blessings are all around us. Let’s count them by making time to share stories!

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