Feeling Isolated? Connect with Family and Friends with 7 Days of Fun Print Photo Projects

print photo project
If current circumstances have you feeling overwhelmed and stressed, or you’re stuck at home, here are seven print photo projects and activities to enjoy with your family and friends or on your own.

Day 1: Sit down and go through a favorite photo album

print photo projectDitch the screen time and look at an album together! It’s so much fun to talk about the photos in the album, the funny, the silly, the sad — the pages help us tell stories.

Appoint a family “secretary” to take notes or just grab a pad of sticky notes and write some of the details as you go through the album. This is a great way to get started on print photos project to get your photo collection organized! 

Day 2: Scan your framed photos that are not already digital photos

print photo projects

Some of our most precious photos have been in a frame for a very long time. Now is a great time to tackle this print photo project — get them scanned so you have a digital copy! Use your home scanner. We recommend the Epson V600. If you discover that your favorite photo is stuck to the glass take a photo of it instead of trying to pry it away from the glass.

Side note – this was a photo taken when we were in Scotland, my husband was in the wedding and I was 6 months pregnant!

Day 3: Photograph all the rooms in your house

print photo project

These photos are great to look back on and good to have for insurance purposes too. It’s fun to see decorating trends, furniture and how your house looks now (messes and all!). Some day, if you move, it’s a neat way to remember that house you lived in back in the day.

This is a photo of my son’s room. When we moved into this house he was seven and we had a mural painted on the wall. We moved out when he was 18, and the mural never changed.

Day 4: Use inexpensive sorting boxes and sort your print photos by decade

print photo project

Craft stores have great shoebox-size storage boxes — or just use shoeboxes! Line up 5 or 6 boxes and write a decade on each box (sticky note or Sharpie on the outside of the box). Now just sort by decade. Guessing is fine!! These aren’t your permanent storage boxes but will help you start to make progress on that box of old printed photos.

When we moved I stored a variety of memorabilia, cards, and negatives in these sort boxes. They are great for anything and they look pretty!

Day 5: Hide & seek with print photos

print photo projects

Find some favorite prints and tuck them in places that your kids will least expect them. Hide them inside cabinets and drawers to surprise the kids We all need some levity right now and opening a drawer in the kitchen and finding a sweet photo will make someone smile.

My daughter is coming home from college early and I thought I would surprise her with photos of a couple of trips we took together in the last few years.

Day 6: Tri-fold board with baggies – space saver

print photo projects

Sorting can be one of the trickiest print photo projects to tackle if you’re short on space, especially table space, to spread out bunches of old photos. Try this hack instead: attach plastic snack bags to a tri-fold board and start sorting photos by dates or themes. When you need to stop, you can fold up the board and tuck it away until next time. Plus it’s a great visual timeline!

Day 7: Scan a batch of heirloom/heritage photos

print photo projects

Have an inherited box of old photos? Scanning these photos is a great way to make sure they are preserved forever! Now is a great time to tackle this print photo project. Start with 20-30 a day. Pick the oldest, most fragile or smallest and get those digitized. Now you can share copies with other relatives by email or text! (Email is almost always better for higher resolution which means better quality. But right now a copy of any size is awesome!)

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