Professional Photo Organizing with Sherra Humphreys

Professional Photo Organizing
As we all try to navigate through these days that we never imagined would be our new reality, I hope this finds you safe and well. Notice I didn’t say our “new normal”. I will not attempt to even try to call anything normal.

Instead, my hope is that you are finding a rhythm to your days that suits you. For us, one decision we made was to put a pause on recording our podcasts. Instead, we used what work energy we had and shared a four week series of blog posts with small bite-sized photo tips. No deadlines or big goals, just small, fun ways you can do something with your photos. Especially fun if you have kids at home and need a break from being “bored”. 😉 If you missed them, here they are:

7 days of Fun Print Photo Projects
7 days of Fun Digital Photo Projects
9 days of Unique Photo Projects
5 days of Photo Stories

Next, we created the Photo Legacy Bundle* and collaborated with other photo organizer colleagues to share resources as our free gift during this time where it feels like our world turned upside down.

Through these days, weeks and months (what day is it?), one way Rita and I both continue to invest our time as lifelong learners is to listen to podcasts. And for me, I had the special privilege of being a guest on a podcast we both love and have learned from. The Pro Organizer Studio Podcast – how similar our business names are is just one of the things Jen Obermeier and I connected about as we talked about photo organizing. It was fun to get back in the swing of work and talk about ways we can adjust and still run our businesses!

Click here to listen to the podcast: Episode 53, Professional Photo Organizing with Sherra Humphreys. Jen’s services helping professional organizers align perfectly with our niche and it was a delight to get to know her better!

*If you haven’t downloaded the Photo Legacy Bundle, you still can! If you are able to make a donation to help families during this Covid-19 crisis, please do. If you aren’t able to donate – please know that there are no strings attached and feel free to download and use whenever you need these resources for your own personal photo collection!

2 thoughts on “Professional Photo Organizing with Sherra Humphreys”

  1. Hey Sharra,
    I am one of Jen’s students and last night as I saw the YouTube notification come up about photo organizing my heart leaped for joy. I have been contemplating adding photo organizing to my home organizing biz and your advise on the interview was only affirmation for me.

    I listened, visited your site downloaded some of your resources (went to bed at 2am 🙂 and now am sifting through some more of your content.

    Thank you so much for what you are doing and offering. ! I will definitely be following you from now on and hopefully in the near future be able to join your class (as I did with Jen)

    1. What fun to hear that the timing of this podcast was just what you needed, Jinnette! Let us know if you have any questions.
      🙂 Sherra

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