Organize Your Photos
Digital Photo Organizing-Gather Your Photo Devices

Step one: Gather Your Photos.

We’re sharing our best photo organizing tips to help you gather all your digital photos from your different devices!

Welcome to our first episode of Photos with Sherita! We’re excited to help guide you, one step at the time, to overcome your photo organizing frustration and overwhelm. Set an appointment to gather all your digital photos from old media and devices you have tucked away to deal with “someday”.

👉Click here to download this episode’s freebie: Gather Your Digital Photos Checklist – a guide to all the places your digital photos might be hiding.

Do you have printed photos too? Learn our pro “dos and don’ts” for scanning them correctly, we’ve got you covered! Click here to get our freebie: 5 Expert Scanning Tips.

Show Notes

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Once you have gathered all your devices, here are some things you may need to get your photos off your devices which we’ll talk about in episode #2!

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