Chris Southard Scanning Tips

Featured Guest – Chris Southard, CDS Media Solutions

Episode #23 of Photos with Sherita is an interview with scanning professional Chris Southard.

Chris is the owner of CDS Media Solutions providing high quality professional scanning and photo organizing services to clients in the Cincinnati area. Because of his photography background, he has a passion for helping others preserve their memories. He has been an APPO member since early 2013.

Chris is also the photographer for the West Virginia University Marching Band and the University of Cincinnati Marching Band.

Listen in as Chris shares a bit about himself, how his business has evolved and the sweet story behind his favorite photo!

Show Notes

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Photo Organizing Resources:

Visit our Favorite Tools Page, for quick links to our favorite pro tools that we use. Below are some of the resources we mention in this episode:

    • Chris Southard’s professional scanning tips can be found by listing to the podcast or by visiting his website CDS Media Solutions.
    • On the podcast Chris recommended the Epson V600 Photo Scanner as a perfect starter scanner along with some tips on how to use.

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