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Digital Photo Organizing-Backup Your Photos

Step three is Backup.

Get the peace of mind knowing that you have a backup of all your precious photos in case of computer crash or natural disaster.

Episode #3 of Photos with Sherita is all about backup and if you don’t do anything else to organize your photos, we are begging you to please, please backup your photos. We’re all watching the devastation in Houston, fires in western states and countless other tragedies that are out of our control. Backup your computer and keep a backup off-site and/or on the cloud. We promise you’ll never regret taking the time to back up your photos!

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– our favorite backup options for your computer AND your photos!

Show Notes

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Resources mentioned in this episode:
Backblaze is our choice for whole computer backup
Off-site cloud photo backup choices include:
Google Photos
On-site backup choices include:
External Hard Drive for Mac
External Hard Drive for Windows
Fire Safe
Other links:
Understanding the difference between backup and sync
Becky Higgins-Project Life
Gretchen Rubin

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