Digital Camera Tips
Our Favorite DSLR Camera Photo Taking Tips

Our Favorite DSLR Camera Photo Taking Tips.

Episode #8 of Photos with Sherita is about taking better photos with your “real” digital camera. In this mini-podcast (under 9 minutes) we share with you easy to remember photo tips that will have you taking better photos before the episode is over. These are our “go to” tips when our photo organizing clients ask for photography help!

If you enjoyed these tips and are looking for a fun, easy course to teach you how to use your “fancy” digital camera we are excited to recommend Kyle Schultz’s Photo Fix Course. Kyle believes “the power of photography lies in the hands of parents” and that is why he created Photo Fix.  He also offers a free webinar “How to Shoot Professional Photos of Your Kids Without Hiring an Expensive Photographer. Be sure to signup for his webinar today (and then show up!) so you get the bonus.

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Resources mentioned in this mini-episode:
Microfiber cloth for cleaning your camera lens

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