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Finally… the eBook you need to successfully
scan your photos at home!

No more sleepless nights worrying about losing photos in a flood, fire or other disaster.

Once you scan your precious photos you’ll have peace of mind.

Now is the time and we have the guide to help you get it done!

scan your photos

Stop searching the internet and piecing all the info together…
We’ve got everything you need to scan your photos at home right here inside this eBook.

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Inside Your Scanning eBook, you’ll get the scoop on…

1. Step by step instructions to create your scanning space using all the right tools
2. Our favorite scanners and the exact scan settings we use for best results
3. Detailed pro tips to save you time and money and much more!

You are READY!
•To scan your favorite print photos in that shoebox from the 80s
•To honor the promise you made to your family to scan the heirloom photos you inherited
•To eliminate all the overwhelming choices on how to scan your print photos

Never make these scanning mistakes again…

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NO Phone Apps

Your photos deserve high quality scanning and phone apps just don't deliver the best results. Don't settle for mediocre.

NO Low Resolution

It's so frustrating when you discover that your image is fuzzy when are ready to make photo gifts, heirloom prints or digital albums.

NO Outdated Media

Sending your photos off to a mail order scan service often means you get a new digital mess that is no better than the mess in the box.


High tech & High touch

Enjoy, share and celebrate your old prints that are now digitized & preserved. Family & friends across the miles can have a digital copy.

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Archive after scanning

Throw away the dusty boxes and put your scanned photos into archival quality boxes for safe storage of your originals.

Your Photo Legacy

The peace of mind in getting your
print photos scanned is the
ultimate love letter to your loved ones!

Being at home has helped us all prioritize what’s most important…
Photos, memories & stories are the treasures that matter most
and it’s time to tackle those envelopes & boxes!

Let’s not lose our family history and stories that are hiding in boxes and drawers with the photos of so many special times in our lives…

Photos and the stories behind them are priceless. And during this time in our world, we need constant reminders of how much we need each other.

There’s nothing that takes the place of a precious photo album and the time we spend sharing our memories with each other during quiet moments together.

Photo Experts Who Truly Care About Your Photo Legacy

For over two decades, we’ve been helping families with their photo collections. We have scanned thousands and thousands of photos with the workflow we reveal in this eBook!

The real fun begins when families have copies of these old photos on their phone or computer and share across the miles. Oh, the stories that people start telling as the photos start showing up in email inboxes and phone texts!!

For just $29, you’ll have a scanning station set up in your home
and save time & money using our workflow & tips.

Investing time in your family’s photos is a gift to everyone you love!
We have such fun when we share our sweet creations with family and friends.
The joy on the faces of loved ones and the bonding that happens when you share treasured photos are priceless.
We’re here to help you on this journey to organize your precious photos and tell your stories!

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scanning printed photos
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That sense of accomplishment in getting your photos scanned is right around the corner…

photo scanning mistakes

Ann B.

"I've wanted to start scanning my print photos for so many years. It always felt too overwhelming and I don't love technology. Now that I'm retired, this guide has given me all the confidence I needed to finally START!"

"There is so much information there, great usable ideas presented in a easy manner. I have hundreds, if not thousands, of prints and slides, in albums and boxes, of kids, grand kids, travels and events. I feel I can now successfully organize my photo treasures with your helpful ideas. Everything is in the ebook - recommended scanners, photo labeling, cloud storage, etc. All my "how to" questions are answered. I cannot wait 'till my scanner arrives to get started! Thank you for your help!"

scanning pictures

Leo M.

Sandy H.

"I inherited letters and photos from my grandmother and I want to scan them myself. It's such a gift to have these memories and now I am making sure that my daughter will be able to have them too!"

"I bought the scanner Sherra & Rita recommended and I've started scanning one old album at a time every night while I binge watch Netflix. LOVE seeing all our old photos on the computer screen now. I can't wait to make a digital album with all our family heritage photos!!"

Michelle C.

Any questions, please email us

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