Photo Scanning Tips
Pro Scanning Tips to Get Better Quality Images

Pro Scanning Tips to Get Better Quality Images

Episode #5 of Photos with Sherita is about scanning photos. In this episode, we focus on a small number of key photos that you might need for a special occasion. There are many choices on how to scan your print photos. Traditional scanner? Scanning app on my phone? Sending your photos to a scanning service? There are so many choices, and they will all work equally well if you take the right steps to prepare your photos. In this podcast, we share with you those preparation steps and where to start so you can be confident that your scanned images are what you need when you need them…which is often right away!

Show Notes

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Resources mentioned in this episode:
Post-it Notes We like the “super sticky” notes because it reduces the chance of the note falling off the photo
Microfiber cloth for cleaning your printed photos
Epson Perfection V600 ~ our favorite reasonably priced flatbed photo scanner
Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner ~ these are our favorite rechargeable batteries
USB drive – for having the scanned photos put on if you bring them to a store for scanning or for easy sharing


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