Get Photo Organized: Photo Scanning Tips for your Print Photos

Photo Scanning TipsPhoto Scanning Tips for your Print Photos

Sometimes we need a few gentle reminders of how to take baby steps to get our photo life in order.
Scanning your photos at home takes some planning and patience.
Here are some of our favorite Scanning Tips:
1. Phases – look at your collection and decide what photos you want to scan.
  • Gathering all your photos in one place at the beginning will help.
  • Get sorting boxes: shoe-boxes are perfect. Label them with sort/scan/send. As you gather put photos in the sort boxes. Put favorite photos in the scan boxes. Any duplicates can go in the send box. As in send to your friends/relatives any photos you think they might enjoy
  • Permission to throw away photos. You are not going to want to scan all your photos. And, since you are sorting make good use of the time and throw away photos that are blurry or otherwise crappy.
2. Equipment – take a look at our Tools of the Trade for links to our favorite equipment. Here are things to remember:
  • Keep the scanner glass clean (clean your photos before putting them on the glass).
  • Use cotton gloves to protect the glass from your fingerprints. And to protect your photos from the oil on your fingers.
  • Practice with a couple of photos first and look at the outcome. You will want to check the file size, the color, and the rotation. Make any scanner setting changes and keep scanning.
3. Taking Notes – find a notebook and label it “successful scanning’.
  • Capture your workflow – scanning photos takes a lot of time. You will ‘stop and start’ more often than you think. Having notes about your steps will be a big time saver.
  • Document who you see in the photos and rename the photo in its new format as a digital file
  • Record the stories – plan to do something with your scanned photos. Celebrate both the photos and the stories in a slideshow or photo album.
Scanning our printed photos is rewarding, however, don’t forget the most important step. Backing up your photos! Back them up in a couple of different places. When you scan them you are saving to your computer or an external hard drive. Make sure to save them to a second location and for safekeeping upload them to cloud storage.
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