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Episode #23 of Photos with Sherita we talk about the stories we discover from old photos. Sherra reveals childhood stories she learns from her mom when she sends her a restored version. Rita continues to learn stories from her parents using the Story Worth website and their prompts. Whatever old photos you have, pick a few of your favorite and ask your loved ones about the story behind the faces in the photo. The stories that you discover are glimpses into lives of the past, sometimes fascinating and other times disappointing, but they always connect us to those in the photos in a new way.

Show Notes

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Photo Organizing Resources:

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    • Rita uses (and loves) StoryWorth to tell her parent’s story. Each week they send you questions, you write a story (or record it) and then at the end of a year the stories are bound into a beautiful keepsake book. Photos can be added to match the questions that have been answered!
    • If you want to find a local company to restore a photo for you go here and type in your zip code. The results will show you any local photo restoration specialist.

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