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Receive the Top 3 Downloaded Episodes From “Photos with Sherita Podcast” and Discover:

Photo organizing podcast

💙 The best way to gather digital photos. Photos are “hiding” in so many places in your home. We give you hints on where to look and help you collect them all in ONE place.

💙  How to create a family photo hub. The best way create a system that stands the test of time… no matter how often technology changes.

💙 Why having a backup of your photos is so important! How do you know which of the 100s of photo apps you should use? We break it all down so you have everything backed up for ultimate peace of mind!

What Our Listeners Are Saying…

"Finally I understand!"

"I was avoiding dealing with my photos until I found Sherra & Rita's podcast and now I feel so much peace that my photos are safe and backed up. Bite size ways to preserve our family memories from moms who understand!"

"Thank you!!"

"You add so much value to someone like me just starting out to shorten my learning curve!
I love all the resources so far and get up early everyday to learn and apply before my work day starts. Working on my corporate escape plan!"

"This is helping me!"

"Listening to the podcasts is helping me so much! I needed someone to break down the steps and give me confidence I was doing it right. Making an appointment with myself to get this done is awesome. Photos with Sherita is giving me each step!"

Who Are We?

We’re busy moms who run our own photo organizing businesses and train, coach, and mentor photo organizers. Our day-to-day experiences with our clients and 25+ years of running our own businesses allows us the privilege of helping women with their photos & stories. We’ve empowered over 350 women in their entrepreneurial journeys as photo organizers…
And it all starts with organizing your own photo collection.

Sherra & Rita

Sherra Rita Certified Photo Organizers Atlanta Boston
Pro Photo Organizing Studio

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