Just saying 2020 out loud in this new year feels different. The rhythm of twenty twenty as a new decade feels more exciting than other “new years”.

But as new years go, resolutions have never been my thing. I like the “word for the year” concept and sometimes adapt that with a “phrase of the year” for myself.

I’ve seen loads of clever takes on 20 in 20. From pounds to lose, books to read, things to learn, bucket list items…I get overwhelmed just typing them out because I start thinking which one should I choose for myself and how many 20 in 20 lists can I actually manage.

For now, because twenty overwhelms me, I’m going to stick with my 3 things and be sure I have a strategy for being productive during my scheduled work time.

So let’s talk about working in this new year…

How do you feel about change?

Whether it is personal or professional, how you respond to change is in your DNA. Some people really do not like change and get a little salty about it. Know anyone like that? My family is split down the middle. 3 of us love it. 3 of them dislike it intensely. 😉

We’ve been working hard behind-the-scenes to make some really great changes for 2020. For Rita and me, we embrace change and love to learn how to pivot as business goals change. Stay tuned and you’ll see some changes in the coming weeks and months!

Here’s my challenge to you for January 2020…

Take a hard look at your business and decide what you need to change and what you can keep the same.

Is it more clients or less clients?
Is it more outsourcing or less outsourcing?
Is it hiring a bookkeeper so you can know your numbers better?

In case you haven’t heard, the photo industry is thriving and you’re in the right place at the right time so keep building your business!

Whatever you decide to change, make sure it’s because it will make you happier in your business – not more stressed.

In fact, I just realized that may be my phrase this year which is really my question of the year. (See how I like to change things?!)

I’ve been asking myself at each decision I make “Will this make me happier or add stress to my life?”

We’d love to hear what you’re changing so leave a comment below!

4 thoughts on “Twenty-Twenty”

    1. Honored by your kind words, Kathy! I’m seriously asking myself that for so many decisions this year…am I adding happiness or am I adding stress is my guiding question in a noisy world while recognizing some things are out of my control. 😉

  1. your question reminded of this quote:
    Talk about why you are blessed not stressed for what you focus on grows.

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