The Gift of Photo Wallpaper

wemontage photo wallpaper
My parent’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration was one for the books. My three siblings and I had rocked the celebration! Twelve of us + Flora (the cutest Corgi) shared a house for a week without documented squabbling.

We also prepared five-star meals, watched a family slideshow and a photo album was in the works. Writing that all out feels like an accomplishment for a group of overachievers. If you know my family only one of us gets that title and it’s not me!

However, I decided that my parents needed something else to remind them of all our efforts their anniversary celebration!

After a bit of research, I discovered WeMontage. I like to describe it as wallpaper that tells your life story, and James Oliver, the founder, describes it as “peel and stick photo wallpaper.”

No need for further research. I created my parent’s custom wallpaper with favorite family photos from the anniversary. I presented it to them a couple of months after the party.

They were in love with it from the minute I helped them stick it to the wall. They couldn’t believe you could peel and re-stick. The photo quality is amazing!! And the fabric-based wallpaper sticks well to textured and non-textured surfaces.

My parents have since moved twice and their wallpaper is still as sticky as the first time they stuck it to the wall!wemontage photo wallpaper

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