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Sherra & Rita
Professional Photo Organizing Training & Speaking

Our mission is to help women build profitable photo organizing businesses. We are real photo organizers with VIP clients and we are sharing what we learned in the industry with other women who want to build photo organizing businesses. Our training is focused on making sure the sweet and precious stories of your photos are shared for generations to come.

We are available for training and speaking on a limited basis.

Contact us with details of your proposal and let’s talk!

Press and companies we have worked with:

2019: The Boston Globe
2018: Nixplay Digital Frames, Click to see Rita & Sherra’s Nixplay videos
2018: Camera Bits
2017: Boston Voyager
2016: Next Act For Women

Here’s the official formal stuff so you know we know our stuff 🙂

Small Group Training

Co-Founders – Platinum Photo Organizing Training*
2019-Destin, FL
2018-Nashville, TN
2017-Nashville, TN
2016-Nashville, TN
2015-Destin, FL

We have developed a full suite of online classes, pricing and photo organizing forms to help train over 350 photo organizers. We use our own experiences as real photo organizers with our own clients. We needed these tools in our own business.  And we know from other photo organizers that starting your business with professional tools gives you a strong advantage. It’s all available for when you become a PPO Insider member. So don’t have to reinvent the wheel!


Association of Personal Photo Organizers National Conference
2019-Main Stage: Confident Pricing with Your Ideal Clients – Albuquerque, NM
2018-Breakout: How to Rock Your Photo Organizing Business With Luxury Services – Raleigh, NC
2017-Main Stage: Luxury Album Design & Pricing – Cleveland, OH
2017-Intensive Training: Digital Photo Organizing – Cleveland, OH
2016-Intensive Training: Pricing & Profitability – Anaheim, CA
2015-Breakout: Insider Tips – Orlando, FL
2014-Main Stage: Implementing What You Have Learned – Dallas, TX
2014-Intensive Training: Photo Organizing Training by Photo Organizers – Dallas, TX
2013-Panel Discussion: Meeting Objections with Confidence – Chicago, IL

NAPO National Conference
2016-Breakout: “Photo Organizing Anxiety and How to Overcome It” with APPO founder Cathi Nelson & Sherra Humphreys – Atlanta, GA

*Profitable Photo Organizing is a labor of love and we developed it through feedback from our Platinum Training events. This online course is for those in the photo industry who want to build a profitable VIP business that makes a difference. It’s only open twice a year so be sure to get on the waitlist and we’ll notify you when enrollment opens again!

Please click here to contact us at if you have any questions!

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