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photo legacy bundle

In the midst of our upside-down world, I am excited and proud to say I work with some pretty amazing colleagues! From a tiny idea that Rita and I talked about for a brief moment in March to now, we brought the idea to life.

Our idea: Your Photo Legacy Bundle. What if we collaborated and pulled together some of the best photo organizing resources from experts in the industry and shared them with YOU!

And, instead of the popular “pay what you want” model in the online world of digital products…what if we changed it to “donate if you can“?

We did just that…and it’s our gift to anyone who needs a little help with their photos, now or later.

And no worries, please know if you aren’t able to make a donation, it’s free – no strings attached!

Click here to get Your Photo Legacy bundle filled with fabulous resources from expert colleagues in the photo industry.

Now you’ve got a bundle of great tools to help you with Your Photo Legacy…which you know (because you know me) is one of the very best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones.

If you are able, any amount you can donate to Together Rising will be your gift and a way to help families during this pandemic. It’s a charity we love and we’ll be sending every donation we receive to Together Rising.

From our hearts, thank you. 💜

P.S. Please share the link below with others 👇. It takes a village…and you are our village of photo-loving, memory keeping people.

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  1. Sherra and Rita – Thank you for putting this together – that’s an impressive list of contributors – all pros (I know all but one of them personally)! Great job. Big heart. Worth cause. Stay well.

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